Chocolate Alphabet & Casa del Gelato

Open all year around

                     HOURS OF OPERATION

 2014-2015  FALL/WINTER (Nov-May)

 Sunday & Tuesday & Wednesday     Noon - 9pm

              Thursday to Saturday    Noon -10pm 


 We are closed on Mondays


We are always open on bank holidays!!!


We make all of our delicious gelato daily. Fresh home made with pure ingredients....GLUTEN FREE.... 

We also have 2 SUGAR FREE GELATOS for DIABETICS !!! We regularly have over 30 flavours.....With these flavours we also make gelato cakes. All of our cakes are custom made....No cakes are just sitting there waiting for you for who knows how long?????.....

Nothing here is pre-made and sits here for weeks or months waiting for a buyer.....Within less two days, during our slow season, our gelato trays are refilled...In the summer, our trays are emptied at least twice per day. Our in house production is constant and we hire help to keep up with the demand.... anyone looking for a summer job??                 


Our chocolates are made with a blend of three dark chocolates and very little sugar added. They are all gilded with 24kt gold letters and are all square shaped....For the festive seasons we have moulded shapes such as hearts for Valentine's, Santas for Xmas, Bunnies for Easter and so many other shapes which Alex makes himself, all year around.....They are delicious and contain very few calories as little fat & sugar is added. Each square is filled with a ganache. We have very popular 'Signature' flavours such as Lemon Basil, Sea Salt & Caramel, Cafe Cubain and Orange which are our best sellers....Pistachio, Raspberry, Ginger, are also very popular....And there are also our Cointreau, Chartreuse, Bailey's ganache filled squares which are exquisite for the palate...We also make Chocolate covered Orange Peel and Dark Chocolate truffles....  What a delight!!!! And GLUTEN FREE !!!


Yes, we now have French Macarons, just for you. Exquisite....GLUTEN FREE French Macarons, so GO FOR IT !!!! for those who cannot eat cookies, these are the perfect alternative!

Alex, is now at this minute, preparing exquisite macarons. Sea Salt and Caramel,  Sicilian Pistachio, Raspberry, Chocolate Blend, and Polynesian name a few....Taste them all and give your tastebuds a thrill.


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                Chocolate Alphabet & Casa del Gelato 

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The best gelato in town is better than you think. Did you know that Except for our Cookies & Cream,  and other cookie gelato....yes it is all gluten free!!

Our chocolates and our French Macarons are also GLUTEN FREE and therefore absolutely safe for you who are allergic to products which contain gluten.


As of September 15th and until June 15th, we are making gelato cakes as per your specifications. Get it the way you want it. Whatever the flavour or flavours - 2 maximum. Any of the flavours you or the one you love wants most is yours!!! Make sure to call at least 48 hours in advance when you order...that's all that we ask!!! All of our cakes are made basically the same way. Your favourite flavours with a pastry shell, all covered in our now famous pure dark chocolate glaze to which we add a variety of crushed nuts....and the cake is topped off with 24karat gold flakes!! Yes very classy and especially, tasty!!! Also, remember that if you are gluten allergic, nut allergic, or diabetic....we can make these cakes without the ingredients that can make you ill...All you need to do is inform us of your health problem, when ordering!!! So go ahead and call us at 905-339-2233.....For orders for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year' your orders well in advance. Talk to you soon.....


Yes we take very good care of our customers.....We have sugar free gelato for diabetics!!!!! We already have a large following of our Fruit Blend, and our Chocolate flavours which are sweetened naturally with fresh fruit no problem! You can now enjoy a gelato dessert like everyone else in your family...Many have tried our flavours and loved them as there is no after taste when you use ALL NATURAL PRODUCTS!!!

We're open all year long so you will never be without!!


Just came back from our new supplier of SAVOURY FRENCH dishes !!!! Yes....after popular demand from many who had found his goods downtown.....he finally chose our store as his OAKVILLE distributor/retailer!!!! We are officially distributing LeCanard products to all of you here in Oakville.....For now, we will carry his 3 main dishes of the following;

All fresh, made by a French artisan...

This is all French and all mmmmmmm gooooood!!!!